Your Personal Tour Guide For Calico Rock – Ghost Town

Welcome to this page where we talk about Calico Rock. There are many countries and parts of countries in the world which have gained mass popularity over the years of their existence. From Manhattan to Little rock, the land of North America is filled with many small and large towns that speak of fables, and some are popular because of the hustling and bustling nightlife. Depending upon your preference, you can choose the place in America you want to live in. if you want a hip and happening nightlife, then certain places are best suited for you. If that is not the case then, there is also a list of a number of places that is well suited for a quiet lifestyle. Calico Rock is one of those places.

About Calico Rock

Calico Rock is a small town in the state of Arkansas, The United States of America. The town has a little over 1400 people living in it and is one of the quietest places that you can visit. Calico is based on a legend that says that the city was built by a man who named it after the beautiful white limestone bluff that is found here. The name Calico comes from the calico dresses that were worn by women. This is a quiet place near the banks of the white river, and it has a number of schools, hospitals and public places which makes it a tranquil as well as a wonderful place to live. With the amenities that you find in a small town, Calico can be a decent place to live for people who prefer a simple and quiet lifestyle.

East Calico Historic District Ghost Town

There is a famous Ghost town inside the Calico Rock town itself. This Ghost town is famous because it lies within the city limits. The town garnered this name because of the abandoned buildings in this place. This used to be a pretty popular Industrial hub, with people working in the various mines. But in the 1900s gunfights and mass shootings became pretty common in this part of the town. With a fleeting source of the Town’s history, the East Calico Rock Ghost town became a ghost town after it was abandoned following a series of disasters like fire, flood and people also experienced a basic economic loss of demand and supply. With time, people moved from this place and started looking for jobs to make a living in other parts of the town. The buildings withered in the harsh and merciless sun, and with time, this once populated hub of town became the famous Ghost town in Calico rock. This Ghost town is one of the places to check out.

The 5 Best Things to Do in Calico Rock

The five best things that you can do in Calico are:

  1. Antiquing: you can collect antique items from this old city for your collection and other purposes.
  2. Hiking: there are many parts of this beautiful town where you can find a hiking trail and go for a quick adventure.
  3. Exploring the history of the earliest Ozark settlers: You can explore the history of the first Ozark settlers in this wonderful town of Calico Rock and enrich your knowledge.

What Kind of Entertainment Does This City Have To Offer You?

This city has a number of options lined for entertainment purposes. You can check out the various restaurants, the best casinos, fishing places, museums, motels and other entertaining things in this city. Here, Hiking and other hobbies are generally the fun things to do, but if you want to experience a bit adventurous something, you can check out the nearest casinos from here. This is a small town; therefore, it doesn’t have any casinos for you. However, you can use the Internet to look for the nearest casinos from here. You can easily find the best casinos, and the best USA casino from here, play a number of casino games and win real money for yourself. These USA casino sites are a great way to earn real money while playing fun casino games. Captain Jack Casino is one of the most exceptional USA online casinos that will give you free bonuses of 300 Free Spins to try out the best slot game titles for free.

The Amazing Scenery To Explore

This town is located near the white river; therefore, you can explore some pretty great scenery here. There are a number of beautiful landscapes, with a quiet and peaceful ambiance that you can check out while you are at Calico Rock.

What is Calico Rock Area Chamber of Commerce

This is the hub for Calico commerce. If you’re going to have a calico head start, then you should visit this particular area. This area is known for all the Calico commerce-related things, including shops and markets, everything that constitutes the commerce of calico rock. This is also one of the major and most important parts of town that you should not skip.